Photo feature: Of colors bright  
These little beauties teach me to stop and savor life
Birds, for me, represent the beauty of Nature. These wonderful creatures remind me that life is meant to be lived in moments, and appreciating Nature is one of the ways of doing just that.This is perhaps the reason why I always take a moment to be still and watch birds whenever I chance upon one perched on a tree or soaring high up in the sky.

Then a few seconds later, my photographer’s instincts kicks in and I capture them in my camera. Here, I present a collection of such photographs that I’ve snapped over a period of time. All these beauties were sighted out in the open, as I was either walking or driving. I hope these images will remind you of the fact that Nature is glorious, and you take a moment to look around you the next time you’re rushing off somewhere.

As its name suggests, Kaffeine is all about the energizing flavors of caffeine. Kaffeine serves one of the strongest coffees in town and also stocks the most varieties. Ajay Shrestha and Nishant Pradhan, the two coffee enthusiasts who opened the shop about two years ago, explain that all their coffee is produced and processed locally. Despite this, the price of their coffee is very reasonable, perhaps the least expensive you will find in Durbar Marg.

  Patan escapade :Episode #3  
For a city that stretches out to just 15.43 sq kilometers, Patan has a lot to offer – eateries, cultural heritage sites and amazing places where you can just relax and spend a whole day without having to worry about anything.

When I started writing about Patan, I never imagined I would come this far. There were a few places I knew of, while some were suggestions from friends and families. I got a lot more out of these escapades I could have ever imagined. I got a chance to appreciate up close the rich local cultures that Patan has to offer.

  Spice it up  
I always see people stop at the doorstep, and take in the waft of aroma that flows from my kitchen. And then they exhale, their eyes widening. They tell me how wonderful it smells.

  The latest in winter wears  
With chilly weather setting in very early this year, it’s time to update your winter wardrobe. The Week went to DS Collection at Sherpa Mall at Durbar Marg to find out what are the latest things in winter wear. We bring you a selection of vibrant outfits that not only keep you warm but also make you look stylish.

  BOOK CHAT Literature for children  
I try to include a lot imagination, fantasy, and freshness in my stories.

Kartikeya Ghimire is the President of Children’s Literature Foundation Nepal and Ketaketi Media Pvt. Ltd. He has over 70 children books published to his credit so far, including all long, short and picture stories. He also has founded a trust in his name, Katikeya Bal Prativa Puraskar, which awards special kids who have excellent reading skills and habit.

  Latin American experimenters  
The translated works have had great influences on English literature.

Writers from South America are credited for many new forms of experimentation. Though most of them originally write in regional languages such as Spanish or Portuguese, their translated works have had great influences on English literature.

  FICTION The color of wine  
I lived a lie. Every life story, if scripted, would fall into a particular genre. Mine is a farce.

There’s a strange sense of sadness in emptying the Recycle Bin. All those files, folders, pictures and videos are suddenly…gone! You might’ve deleted them a long time back but there’s always that little voice in your head that says “They’re in the Recycle Bin. You can retrieve them whenever the need arises.” But the moment you click that ‘Yes’ button, it’s almost as if you’ve decided to switch off the ventilator and cut short the air supply.
The pain’s gone.

  Don't tell anyone!  
Shaila Bajracharya*, now 32, used to keep a diary as a teenager. She used to write about a boy she was in love with, and wrote how she talked to him on the phone when there was no one at home. In it, she spilled all her feelings about him, and she was shocked when her sister brought the diary out at the family dinner table. Her sister then proceeded to read the diary out loud to the entire family, embarrassing Shaila no end.

  Nepal's best writing town  
An international collective of writers and journalists find inspiration in Bandipur.

What writers do with words, the builders of Bandipur did with brick and beam—assemble a story from history.

On the first evening of December, our group of writers stepped onto the streets of Bandipur. The town was quiet and stone-still, and as we felt our way to the Old Bandipur Inn, we experienced the strange intrigue that comes with meeting a destination in the dark: a few dimly lit shops remained open; a few bundled and solitary souls idled at outdoor tables. On the Inn’s terrace, we sat under a cloud-blurred moon and sipped wine by the fireside till drowsy. We went to bed curious: Where were we?

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